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Daily Digital Planner Consultation & Design

Daily Digital Planner Consultation & Design

Introducing the Daily Digital Planner Consultation & Design, a comprehensive service that combines expert consultation with personalized design to help you achieve your daily and monthly goals. This product goes beyond the digital worksheet by offering in-depth discussions about your daily aspirations, as well as monthly goals and tasks. The coach will also design a custom daily page and monthly page for your planner, which can be printed and bound for tangible success. Additionally, you'll receive an editable version in Canva, enabling you to update and customize it according to your preferences.




Consultation and Goal Setting: During the consultation, the coach will extensively discuss your daily objectives, as well as your monthly goals and tasks. By diving deep into your ambitions, the coach will help you create a comprehensive plan that aligns with your aspirations and sets you up for success.

Personalized Design: The coach will design a custom daily page and monthly page for your planner. These designs will incorporate your preferences, habits, and goals, providing a layout that caters specifically to your needs. The aim is to enhance productivity and keep you motivated as you work towards your desired outcomes.


Printable and Bindable: Once the design is complete, you will receive printable versions of the daily and monthly pages. These can be easily printed and bound into a physical planner, allowing you to have a tangible tool for organization and goal tracking.


Editable Version in Canva: In addition to the printable version, you will receive an editable version of the designs in Canva. This will enable you to make any necessary changes or updates to the layout, ensuring that your planner remains dynamic and adaptable to your evolving needs.


The Daily Digital Planner Consultation & Design is the perfect solution for individuals seeking a comprehensive and personalized planning experience. Maximize your productivity, stay organized, and achieve your goals by investing in this service today!

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